Cladding Bricks : Everything You Need To Know.
Explore what are cladding bricks and their benefits.

Nowadays, all interior designers and architects are experimenting with new materials to improve the look and appearance of the house. There is a plethora of decors to opt for. For example, you can make your walls standout with bricks, natural stones, tiles, aluminium glass or paint. Each material brings beauty of its own. But, It's not surprising that the cladding bricks are a very sought after choice of material today. 

Whether you talk about elevation at the exterior or the soothing interior, everyone is trying to complete their decor with timeless, breathing, natural clay bricks.

  • What is Brick Cladding?

Cladding is used in construction to provide weather resistance, and thermal and sound insulation; it also enhances the appearance of buildings. Cladding bricks are also known as thin bricks, brick slips and brick tiles. Brick cladding is a thin brick, made from either traditional sized bricks or raw clay. Brick cladding is used to insulate wall structure and can redecorate the barren walls in a multitude of ways. 

  • Benefits of Clay brick cladding: 

Primarily used for aesthetic and decorative purposes, brick slips often provide low maintenance and long-term reliability as a simple, convenient and cost-effective way to capture an authentic brick finish on internal and external walls. 

Here, we have listed out some of the benefits of cladding bricks of Jay Jalaram Brick Works. 

1) Ready to use

 All cladding bricks are very easy to use. Open the box, take out a cladding brick, apply some adhesive on the back and stick on the wall. Yes, it’s that much simpler! You will also have flexibility to choose the host material ranging from plastered (cemented) or non plastered wall to plywood and ceilings. 

2) Ideal for all weather applications

 These cladding bricks are not imitation tiles but authentic clay bricks, which are made from natural materials and fired at high temperatures. This process makes the bricks durable in any weather conditions. So whether you’re in a cold freezing place or at a high humid place, you can adore your place with brick charisma.  

3) Fit and Forget

Once you have considered cladding with brick tiles, you will not require to spend on paint, coating or varnishing to retain the durability and aesthetics like other materials such as wood, glass and porcelain tiles.

4) Easy to clean and maintain

Thin bricks are ageless. Unless exposed to the high concentrated acidic or basic contents, they will never lose their charm. Also, just with a cloth, you can remove dust. 

5) No extra weight on structure

Cladding bricks stick with the wall making it a part of the structural component of the building. Which doesn’t leverage any extra weight on the structure, but becomes a part of the structure itself. 

6) Easy to Transport

These cladding brick tiles are lightweight, making them easy to transport to the site. 

7) Energy efficient

 According to a study, 43% of our energy bills are for cooling and heating the house. But a house made of bricks really makes a difference in saving energy. How?  Well, clay bricks have the feature to store heat and wintry air, helping the space to maintain its temperature. Such an attribute ensures less consumption of electricity power and hence, lower bills. Thus the indoor climate is very pleasant and you save energy and help in sustaining the environment.

8)   Cost Effective

The virtues of brick slips are equal to those of brick, a product that is breathable, non-combustible, resilient, recyclable and energy efficient. This blend of elegance and functionality is offered by no other cladding method. And, when it comes to cost, these terracotta cladding tiles are the most cost effective.

If you have been looking to pick the finest and best performing brick tiles, the name to settle on is The Jay Jalaram Brickworks. 

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  • Cladding Bricks Applications.

When it comes to application, cladding bricks offers the most versatile design flexibility for the project. These clay bricks can be easily cut, drilled, nailed, milled, and grooved to fit individual requirements. Cladding bricks are most suitable for the new exterior, interior projects, as well as for renovation and extension or conservation projects.

Cladding Brick Slips for Interiors

Cladding brick slips also have been used to decor bars, restaurants, offices, farmhouses and living spaces. 

With modern and farmhouse themes influencing the interior design world, the appeal of having an exposed brick wall in the living space has never really been stronger. It is possible for every brick lover to have a bare brick wall in the bathroom, kitchen, living area or the bedroom. You can use our clay brick tiles to bring some rustic, industrial, contemporary or your own feel into any area of the house.

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Cladding Bricks for the Exterior:

Each building material brings the beauty of its own to the structure. In the words of Laurie Baker, “Bricks to me are like faces. All of them are made of burnt mud, but they vary slightly in shape and colour. I think these small variations give tremendous character to a wall made of thousands of bricks, so I never dream of covering such a unique and characterful creation with plaster, which is mainly dull and characterless. I like the contrast of textures of brick, of stone, of concrete, of wood..”  As we have seen, cladding bricks are the most effective way to capture the authentic brick work for the new buildings as well as for the existing ones. You can surely design an outstanding facade with the beauty of the elevation bricks or elevation brick tiles. 

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  • Why Jay Jalaram Bricks for cladding? 

Referring to smart construction, one can not deny the significant role played by construction materials. The right selection of materials will go a long way, ensuring the robustness of the living space. JJB is an undisputed leader in this sphere, providing facade solutions of international standards for brick lovers nationally and internationally. All our wall brick tiles and brick cladding are made from high-grade materials and offer a wide array of colour and texture to choose from. Our products are a popular choice among architects and designers to bring a vintage, rustic or farmhouse effect feature wall to any project. All of our bricks are kiln-fired over 1000 degrees Celsius, making them a highly reliable, vitrified product that lasts for generations.

Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, our brick tiles for exterior walls and interiors are covered and hardened, making them water resistant, stain resistant, and appropriate to use for places with high humidity. They are very robust, scratch-resistant, and can last a lifetime. Our bricks are highly immune to mold and bacteria and do not fade due to continuous exposure to sunlight and UV rays, making them perfect for exterior usage. Not only do our brick-shaped tiles and other tiles come in a wide variety of hues, but the finishes can also vary from creasings to rock. 

For those who care for the brick charisma, adorn your next project with the magic of bricks from a huge variety available at The Brick Store. If it's about bricks, it's all there at The Brick Store!